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The best Dental Software to achieve the best dental hygiene care — managing an efficient, successful dental office with production at a maximum is difficult without the right dentistry software tools. This is the reason why you need the right dental software company to help you successfully manage your practice.

With the right dental software, you will be able to achieve accuracy, efficiency and enhanced client satisfaction without any hassle. Discover the difference in achieving the best dental care practice, request a free demo today!

10 Reasons To Join The MaxiDent Family

Practice Management Software

1. Robustness and Versatility

As a dental software developer based in Canada, for over 40 years MaxiDent has been evolving its dental suite of software solutions for dental clinics. This has furnished us with all the experience we need to program our software so that it will efficiently cater to your needs. It has also enabled us to take into account the many suggestions our users shared with us with regard to our dental services.

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These suggestions, in turn, have made our dental software more robust and versatile to accommodate any dental clinic. This allows your staff members to perform all the tasks necessary to help your dental clinic run efficiently and effectively. It will also enhance the experience and satisfaction of clients thereby allowing for increased lead generation. 


Through constant and consistent iterations in order to come up with the best dental software. Finally, we were able to do so by developing the most robust, comprehensive and all-encompassing dental software that can be found on the market today. This dental practice management software, you can now attend to the needs of your patient without any hassles. This will significantly lead to improved patient health and overall satisfaction.



2. Small Company Advantage

We all know those big companies have economies of scale. Having said that, small companies have the benefit of building deep and meaningful relationships with their clients. And this is exactly what our dental software Canada management team here at MaxiDent is doing every day.

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Dental software is programmed in a way that will significantly promote a doctor-client relationship. This will allow your clients to open up to you thereby making it easy for you to treat them better. In a small company such as ours, each client is extremely important. We are committed to the success of our clients in the long run. 


Our entire software company is designed in a way that supports dental clinics and their staff through the management challenges that dental clinics face daily. It also aims at enhancing the satisfaction of client thereby pushing them to refer friends and family to your business.

 This,  we believe will go a long way improve your dental clinics dental practice management as well as the health and experience of patients.


Practice Management Software

3. Business Understanding

For a software company to create a great business software, it must understand the business aspects behind the organizations its software supports. At MaxiDent, we build our software around the 3 drivers of a dental clinic: re-care, future treatment, and A/Rs. Click here to expand this section
Our dental software assists your team to track these drivers throughout their day-to-day activities. These feature will also make it easy for clients to book an appointment as well as schedule subsequent meetings without any hassle. But, a dental clinic is not limited to these three drivers. We have software tools to help with all the HR needs in a dental clinic. Only a company that has a deep business understanding of dental clinics can create an all-encompassing suite of solutions. Wouldn’t you like such a team of experts on your side? Thanks to the above-listed features of the MaxiDent dental practice management software. Dental staff can now efficiently manage the patients’ information there making it easy for dentists to efficiently run their dental clinics.   

4. Unique Dental Software Service Approach

Dental software is difficult to compare, but it is possible. When it comes to how service is delivered. However, it is important to state that it may not be possible to compare it, prior to becoming a client. Try our dental software and you will confirm that it is specially designed to cater to the needs of your business. At MaxiDent, we have revolutionized how we provide dental software service to the dental industry. 

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We created “Success Teams”! These are comprised of a Dental Software Account Manager – for any business-related questions, Dental Software Support Technicians – for any technical difficulties you or your dental staff encounters and a Dental Software Implementation Specialist – for any training and project management needs you have. This unique way to deliver service allows our team to build relationships with the dental clinics in our MaxiDent family. Your dental team and our team create bonds that allow time-saving and the ability to focus on what matters most to your dental clinic – your patients.


Practice Management Software
Practice Management Software

5. Innovative Dental Software Tools

MaxiDent is not just a dental practice management software. We are your go-to technology partner traveling through this treacherous business journey with you. We are here to ensure that your clients are satisfied and you run your business efficiently. We get it, you’d like to focus on dentistry. This is why our team is exploring new technologies and creating avant-garde technological tools to empower you and your team and creating many efficiencies in your dental clinic.

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From patient communication, payment integration, human-resources module, to online booking and much more, we are always thinking about what is the next big technological thing in the dental industry that will help both dentists and patients.

6. Added Value Partnerships

In life, you cannot do everything yourself. This is why we have created strategic partnerships with companies that are the best in their field. Providing services from marketing, VOIP telephone system, buying group for all your equipment and sundries, staffing and even dental consulting to ensure your dental clinic is realizing its potential and your staff have the right training and attitude to provide excellent patient care. Thanks to all these amazing features of the dental software, you may not encounter any issue with lead generation. Click here to expand this section
We have created a network of exceptional companies to cover all of your needs. And we’ve done this so you can focus on dentistry and providing excellent oral care to your dental patients. With the MaxiDent dental management software, attending to the health needs of patients will be almost effortless since we ensure that our experienced team takes care of other affairs for you.
Practice Management Software
Dental Software Management

7. FREE Professional Dental Software License

Switching a dental practice management software is not only hard and frustrating, but it is also very expensive. But, with MaxiDent, it isn’t as expensive as you might think. You will find that all the amazing features packed in the dental software are offered at a budget-friendly cost. This is aimed at making it easy for businesses at different levels to afford. Click here to expand this section
Since 2018, we have been providing our professional full license of the MaxiDent practice management software at no charge to Canadian dentists. Our aim is to remove the financial barrier that stands between your clinic and great software tools. In addition, our product is designed to allow for versatility. You will find that we provide a site license, which means it works for small clinics with as little as 3 computers and for big clinics with over 30 computers. If you feel that you are lacking the right dental software tools to help your clinic and team realize your potential, a free license is all you need to get started – it is that simple! With the MaxiDent dental management software, you can now dedicate your time to attending to the health needs of patients since you don’t have to worry about the cost or hassles associated with obtaining a license.

8. Free Data Conversion

Another amazing benefit of dental software is that it supports free data conversion. When it comes to electronic data, it is the foundation of your clinic. It will go a long way to determine how efficiently you run your business as well as the satisfaction of clients.    In today’s world of digital data and digital x-rays, your patient data is one of the most valuable assets you have in your clinic. As we started to offer a free professional full license back in 2018, at no charge, we have been offering a free data conversion.  This will allow you to have a secure update of your dental patient data.   Click here to expand this section
  Our dental software developers work closely with our implementation team to ensure we are meeting your expectations with regards to your patients’ information. Through the years, we have developed an all-encompassing process to streamline the data conversion process. This is amazing as it will allow for complete accuracy and efficiency.   We begin the process with a test conversion, where your data is reviewed 3 times: first by one of our developers, then by our implementation technician and finally by your dedicated Implementation Specialist. The converted data is then reviewed with you and your team. Once you are happy with the results, we set a time and date for the live data conversion to take place.    This is also the time when your staff are going to be trained by your dedicated Implementation Specialist. It is designed this way to minimize your downtime while allowing both theoretical learning and hands-on training.  Easy data conversion feature in the dental software will go a long way to make the management of patients’ information efficient. Making it significantly easy for you to better cater to the health , needs of patients and enhance the overall satisfaction of clients.
Dental Software Management
Dental Software Management

9. Amazing Dental Software Team

Working in your dental clinic, you know better than anyone that what separates a good company from an amazing company is the people who work there. A vendor who supports you on your journey to greatness must have a team of people who would do whatever it takes – when it matters most – to ensure you and your team can focus only on patient care. This is what we strive for as the success of your business is our priority. Click here to expand this section
We have gathered a team of specialists in their respective fields, to support your dental clinic. The dental software is programmed to matter to the entire needs of your business thereby enhancing client satisfaction. Our dental software management team prides itself not only on their knowledge and experience but in serving clients with a great heart. We focus on our purpose of empowering all staff through being genuine, caring and going the extra mile for our MaxiDent family of clients. We draw happiness and fulfillment from seeing our clients grow, flourish and prosper. We cannot wait to meet you. But, for now, feel free to meet our dental software management team, here. Looking at this feature of the MaxiDent dental management software, one can safely conclude that you will not encounter any performance issues. The dental software is designed by an expert team to simplify your practice experience while also making it easy for you to efficiently cater to the health needs of patients.

10. Forward-looking Dental Software Technology

The dental software comes with a forward-looking technology to make it easy for you to run your business efficiently. Although traditionally, our dental industry has been late to adopt technology, the world is seeing technology evolve at a scary pace. But technology is not the only thing evolving.  The environment in which your clinic operates is changing just as fast. For this reason, you have to take steps to upgrade your business in order to ensure that it meets the rapidly changing needs of clients and the environment at large. Click here to expand this section
Being a leader is all about tackling new challenges and ensuring that our dental software management solutions “uncomplicate” your day-to-day. Being one of the best dental software management company, we are constantly exploring new technologies to resolve challenges facing Canadian dental clinics from coast to coast to coast.  We are exploring the various applications that Augmented Reality software can bring to your dental clinic. We’re looking at Virtual Reality, mixed reality and even robotics to ensure that when the time comes, you will have the right dental management technology solution to handle anything that comes your way, live a less stressful life and increase your and your team’s wellness while providing your patients the best of care. Looking at these amazing features integrated into the dental management software, there is no doubt that you will experience a smooth sailing practice. Patients will also experience improved dental health as well as enhanced satisfaction.
Dental Software Management

Learn Everything it Takes to Become a Responsible Dental Owner

Responsible Dental Ownership was written to uncover a different approach in running dental clinics. It shows how, instead of conflict, there can be a symbiosis between patient oral care and the operational excellence of the business. This starts with the simple concept of defining your purpose.
Responsible Dental Ownership: Balancing Ethics and Business Through Purpose
Dental Software Management

MaxiDent™ 6 

Intelligently Different Dental Software. State-of-the-art dental office software solutions for your entire practice—patients, administrative staff and clinicians—from initial patient contact and scheduling to check-in, treatment, check-out, insurance claims, payments, and dental patient recall.

Our innovative, easy-to-use, dental software programs, with cutting edge technologies—artificial intelligence, voice input, touch screen, tablet design, electronic signature, digital imaging, and more—improve productivity, optimize efficiency, and ensure optimal patient dental health.

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Our practice management software system is designed for both medium and small-sized offices. Whether your dental office needs maintaining lists of insurance, generate reports, capture patient demographics, communication, and schedule appointments based on practice management, MaxiDent program offers solutions.

MaxiDent practice management software makes sure your data is safe and secured, the management software provides you with industry level data security.

MaxiDent dental practice management software provides patients with easy and instant access to their health information. With the help of a dental paperless solution, you can set tasks such as reminders, scheduling, claims and many more.

With the MaxiDent dental clinic management software, simplifies your channel of communication. The software will allow for timely decisions, phone integration and effortless access to patient information.

Secure email systems are becoming more important for dental practices due to HIPAA and increasing use of on cloud technology. With the MaxiDent dental clinic management software, be rest assured you can store and access your information.

MaxiDent dental software is designed to provide the required management tools to achieve successful dental practice by managing case scheduling, keeping track of cases without going through the long process in order to save time and money.