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State-of-the-art dental management

Manage your entire dental practice from front desk to operatory. Boost productivity with the latest technological advances.

Benefits of Maxident Dental Management Software

Why you need the right dental software – Managing an efficient, successful dental office with production at a maximum is difficult without the right tools. The same is true trying to do dentistry without the proper instruments – it would be difficult and painful for you and the patient. That’s why you need the right dental software to successfully manage your practice. Click on the video below to learn how Maxident dental software can make your life better and easier.

The Proven and Trusted Dental Software Suite

Maximize Efficiency

Automate tasks

Achieve Financial Success

Have a well-run practice

Minimize stress

Do more dentistry

Maxident™ 6: Intelligently Different Dental Software. State-of-the-art dental office software solutions for your entire practice—patients, administrative staff and clinicians—from initial patient contact and scheduling to check-in, treatment, check-out, insurance claims, payments, and patient recall.

Our innovative, easy-to-use, dental software programs, with cutting edge technologies—artificial intelligence, voice input, touch screen, tablet design, electronic signature, digital imaging, and more—improve productivity, optimize efficiency, and ensure optimal patient dental health.