Internet Phone Integration

The integrated phone system that connects to our patient management software to pull up patient data right out of the database when a patient calls in.

How will this new system benefit you? 

Save money

A voice over IP system has a straightforward pricing model (per phone per month) and in the vast majority of instances will be cheaper than what you are paying for a traditional system. Also, our partner (Cyclone Systems) has access to cheaper internet plans to go together with your new internet phone system.

Utilize more features

A VoIP system has over 80 features that you can implement: intelligent queuing of calls, conference calling, unlimited calls across North America, Direct Inward System Access (DISA) – which allows you to call from your cell while the call is being put through your office’s phone system, and selective call recording to name a few.

Improved patient care

Knowing the relevant patient information ensures that everything that should be discussed with the patient is completed in one call and nothing is missed. Not forgetting the increased patient service level for knowing small details like upcoming birthdays at a glance.

Save time

Just imagine how much time your front staff can save when all the relevant patient information is displayed in one place and is visible to them, even before picking up the phone.

We believe this new VOIP system and our MaxiCaller integrated service will be a game-changer to your office,  which is why we are providing you the opportunity to implement this system in your dental office, allowing you to…

  • Reduce your cost substantially
  • Provide better patient care with an integrated system
  • Have access to patient balance and even see if they have a recall
  • Improve efficiency
  • Identify callers quickly and easily without having to pull up the patient’s profile