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Let us book your list of overdue patients.

Hire MaxiDent’s dental team of Patient Booking Specialists to call your list of overdue patients and fill your schedule.

MaxiDent has Aquired U R DUE Patient Services


U R DUE consists of a team of dental professionals that range from office managers to dental assistants that have worked in the dental industry for a combined 25+ years. These specialists bring immense value with their industry knowledge of how to speak to your patients and help educate them on the importance of booking their recalls or needed treatments.


We at MaxiDent are excited to expand our services and provide our clients with another affordable way of booking recalls and treatments, with the bonus of having dedicated dental professionals taking care of your patients’ needs while at the same time keeping your schedule full.


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What U Can Expect

Better Patient Care


The best way to ensure better patient care is by always staying on top of their recalls and any unscheduled treatments.

This is where our team of Patient Booking Specialists come in. They will stay on top of it all for you, ensuring that your patients have a future appointment to maintain consistent oral care.

They will also guarantee that no patient falls through the cracks by making sure they are always active in your scheduler, thus maintaining better patient care in your practice!

A Fuller Schedule


Dental practices that have many holes in their schedule are not maximizing revenue their practice is capable of.

To help fill your schedule, our team of dedicated Patient Booking Specialists will call each of your patients that has a recall or unscheduled treatment!

Increased Revenue


Our team will help you achieve a consistently full schedule, which equates to increased revenue.

With this, you will be utilizing all of your clinic facilities, allowing you to treat more patients and achieve your financial goals!

A Cleaner Database


Our team of Patient Booking Specialists are diligent in what they do — they fill your schedule all while cleaning up your database with every call they make! For example, if our team finds out that a patient has moved, they will update their record in your system.

Your database is a part of the foundation of your practice, and it’s imperative to keep it clean and updated in order to maximize efficiency and accuracy.


This Is How We Do It

1. Scheduling Overdue Recalls

Our service will relieve your team’s workload and is a cost-effective way to bridge the recall gap!

2. Booking Outstanding Treatments

Increase your production revenue with a full schedule without acquiring the big staffing expenses to achieve the same result!

3. Managing Account Receivables

Our team of experts will manage your A/R’s, ensuring your records are up to date.

4. Database Clean-Up

With every call our team makes to your patients, they will clean up and update your database.

5. Insurance Verification Management

Our team will call and verify insurance coverage for all upcoming treatments.


What People Are Saying

“We have been working with U R DUE for a while now. Their dedication to achieving the goals for the office is unparalleled. They have personally trained our staff one on one to maximize their potential. The ideas that they have helped to implement have improved the overall efficiency of our office. We started using U R DUE Patient Services and have noticed a vast improvement with our schedule and production in our clinics.”

Dr. Taneshwar Chahal

“It did not take long to see the difference. The staff at U R DUE is always professional and communicated well with our patients and team members. The U R DUE team members have years of dental experience and understand how things are done. Recall settings within the practice management software helped to customize our system for our clinic protocols. Using the services of U R DUE has proven to be a cost-effective way to get things done consistently while leaving more time for in-office staff to complete their daily tasks.”

Ellis Dental

“Thanks Joanne and Lani for the excellent service. UR DUE Patient Services is the best at what they do. Our hygiene bookings have increased significantly. Their services are easy to set up and implement, they simply dial in to your software and start working. Leave your front end staff to deal with patients, payments and insurance. U R DUE will take care of all your recalls. Very happy we went with this service. Would recommend to all dental offices big or small.”

Signal Hill Dental Centre

“As a consultant myself, working with Joanne’s consulting firm, UR DUE Patient Services has been a dream! Their systems and processes in optimizing the hygiene schedule, recall system, and insurance information is all done remotely and eliminates the need for an additional ADM person. Plus, the return on investment for these services can’t be ignored. If you are finding that your recall system is failing, your hygiene days are consistently falling apart, consider hiring UR DUE Patient Services! Done remotely and very efficient.”

GEM Dental Experts Inc.

Gabriele Maycher, CEO


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