Practice Management Software

Practice Management Software Features

  • Never-Lose-a-Patient Recall & Appointment System
  • Never-Lose-A-Treatment Plan System
  • Never-Lose-an-Insurance Approval System
  • Definable user access
  • Built-in audit trails
  • Customizable screens
  • Customizable reports
  • Reminder system per employee
  • Supercodes to reduce user error
  • Direct scanning into the document manager
  • Electronic Medical Record
  • Treatment planning and approval manager
  • Ortho contract manager
  • Management reports manager
  • MaxiCalc to intelligently calculate patient portion every time, even if a policy has a lot of stipulations.
  • MaxiSave built-in, automatic hourly backup.

Boost the productivity of the entire office—from reception and check-in to check-out and overall office management.




Set different color codes for different providers and the office’s various patient appointment statuses—booked, confirmed, checked-in, in hygiene, in the operatory, checked-out, and so on.  See your scheduler at-a-glance to keep patient appointments running smoothly. 


Thanks to the practice management software, you can now manage your clients’ appointments without any hassle. This is because the software allows clients to book appointments in advance thereby providing you with an insight on how many clients you will attend to on a particular day. 


To prevent hassles, you will find that the client can also effortlessly check-in as well as check out. This is amazing as it will go a long way to allow for orderliness in your business environment.




To ensure orderliness and efficient completion of check-ins, the practice management software is easy to use and understand by clients of all educational qualifications. The software allows patients to fill out electronic medical forms with MaxiDent™6


This can be completed within a few minutes and the patient provided data goes directly into their electronic file. Thanks to this feature of the practice management software, you will be able to save time and resources. Another amazing benefit that could be derived from this feature is a significant increase in patient file accuracy. 


Accuracy is a paramount requirement in dental practice. The practice management software is programmed to ensure that you and your team do not encounter any issue in terms of accuracy thus enhancing the overall experience of clients.

At MaxiDent™6,  our customer satisfaction is our top priority that’s why we always come up with new technologies that have the epitome clinical solution to most issues facing the dentistry industry.




The practice management software allows you to use MaxiDent™6 to capture treatment information in the operatory. This will go a long way to make check out easy thereby enhancing the experience of clients. 


Thereafter, you can easily send it automatically to the front of the office for completion. Then when you are processing a patient check-out, rapidly verify the treatment done, submit the patient’s insurance claim immediately, and take payment quickly and accurately.


Another amazing benefit you will derive from the practice management software is that the system is programmed to learns your office’s procedure codes, so you don’t have to. This benefit is possible thanks to the MaxiDent™6 dental practice management software which helps to save time and increase data accuracy.


Thanks to this feature, you will be able to save time which can be efficiently invested in other areas. With the practice management software, instant messages from the practitioner will be sent automatically to clients. This will go a long way to make check-out instructions and follow-up appointment booking requests clear.


Our software comes with so many benefits amongst which are record management, financial resources, appointment management system, marketing strategy, principles of designing dental practice, making use of information technology, development of business policy, and quality assurance through easy communication.


Office Management


The practice management software is programmed to make office management effortless. You can easily send your patients’ digital radiographs electronically and securely (via ITRANS) for immediate insurance approval with MaxiDent™6


This feature of the software is amazing as it will completely eliminate the delays of sending x-rays through the mail for approval thereby enhancing the overall experience of the client which will, in turn, promote your business and increase lead generation. 


Another amazing benefit of this feature is that you can treat patient conditions faster for improved patient health and satisfaction while boosting your productivity and income. What’s more, you can also submit patient claims electronically with MaxiDent™6 for quicker payments.


Technological advancement has made it easy for the emergence of new knowledge, and this has also positively increased the level of expectation amongst dental patients. One of the goals of our software is to help you solve the challenges of dental practice management by improving the quality of dentistry.

Practice Management Software for Dentistry
Feature Description Additional Resources
Patient Recall & Appointment System Never lose track of appointments and recalls Remote Practice Management
Treatment Plan Management Organize all treatment plans effectively Digital Charting
Insurance Approval System Expedite insurance approvals Integrated Point of Sale
User Access Control Control user access levels Phone Integration
Audit Trail Capabilities Track all data changes Cloud Backup
Customization and Automation Personalize screens and automate reminders Digital Patient Communication
Document and Record Management Easily manage electronic records Digital Signature
Intelligent Calculation Advanced calculations for complex policies Patient Self Check-In

Why Choose MaxiDent™6?

From effective record management to financial resources and marketing strategies, MaxiDent™6 offers a comprehensive solution for modern dental practice management. Certainly! Below is a table summarizing the key features of MaxiDent™6 Practice Management Software along with corresponding internal links to additional resources for each feature.

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