Digital Signature

Capture patient and provider signatures electronically for any electronic document in your dental practice that requires authorization, such as:

Patient treatment consent

Medical record sign-off


Patient Authentication

Use MaxiSign to capture a patient’s signature to authenticate treatment consents, the accuracy of data in an electronic medical record, and more—and electronically “stamp” the entry in your database.

Audit Trails

Use electronic signatures to create tamper-proof electronically stamped entries and assure a proper audit trail of your electronic records.

Less Paper

Go digital, or even paperless! Reduce paper and eliminate paper signatures from your dental practice with MaxiSign. Its electronic signature capture is essential to collect, store and authenticate tamper-proof authorizations for all your electronic records.



MaxiSign is an essential component for any dental office with electronic medical records, electronic charts, and other electronic records. Features include:


  • Electronic signature capture
  • Record authentication
  • Tamper-proof signatures
  • Electronic ‘stamp’ for audit trails
  • Easy storage
  • Quick retrieval
  • Add-on to Maxident practice management software