Selling Your Practice

Realize the Buried Income Hidden in Your Charts!

Do you remember the day you bought your first practice? There were emotions of elation, achievement, feeling proud and yet ‘fearful of the unknown’ all at the same time!

Dentists that are starting their careers today have the same emotions, ambitions and dreams. They love and want technology. They also want an attractive, ready-to-go practice where they can immediately treat patients and start generating income. “Fixer-uppers” are not appealing to today’s buyers.

If you are a mid-career dentist thinking about selling your practice in the next 10 years, you cannot leave practice improvements to the buyer. You need to make improvements today like adding software-based income systems into the practice, updating equipment in the office, and possibly renovating. These improvements will bring higher income

today, improve your practice curb-appeal, and boost resale value. MaxiDent has experience in upgrading technology and can teach you and your staff the income-systems to help mine your gold.

MaxiDent’s Goldmine™ Dental Software Package transforms your practice into a high-income practice. Mine your gold with MaxiDent’s 3 exclusive income-systems to boost your income today, and make your office more attractive and valuable to a future buyer. Imagine your filing cabinet. At this very moment, there is hidden income languishing in your practice and your current software system does not make it easy to find!

  1. Never-Lose-a-Patient™ Recall and Appointment System, which will boost hygiene production;
  2. Never-Lose-a-Treatment-Plan™ System, which will boost doctor’s production;
  3. Never-Lose-an-Insurance Approval™ Management System, which will make sure you get paid for it all

Are you looking to sell your dental clinic but may be unsure of where to start or what to keep in mind throughout this journey?

This free checklist is designed to guide you throughout the process with important tips to keep in mind, and backed with business expertise from leading experts within the business and dental industries.  

Simply fill out the form and we will email you the free checklist!

Increase your revenue, invest in MaxiDent today!

MaxiDent 6

Practice Management Software

Boost the productivity of the entire office-from reception and check-in to check-out and overall office management.


Increase productivity with these enhanced add ons:


Digital Patient Communication

EngageB automates appointment and recall reminders via email and text. Save time and money from making phone calls to confirm appointments and playing phone tag—and have each appointment confirmation automatically update in your scheduler in real time!


Electronic Charting

Replace your paper charts with state of the art MaxiChart electronic charting software and automate your notes and treatment plans! Designed for tablets and touchscreens, MaxiChart is smart and built with Artificial Intelligence to ensure treatment accuracy and voice dictation for speed!


Online Automated Data Backup

Online, offsite, automated backup which is monitored for less than $1 per day! No more need to rely on staff to do a backup! Back-up to the MaxiDent cloud safely!


Integrated POS

Eliminate balancing grief and expenses with a fully integrated point of sale system through Chase Paymentech Canada. We’ll meet or beat your current merchant rates!


Electronic Signature

Capture electronic signatures in a tamper-proof format in which time and date stamp your records. Ensure record authenticity!


Patient Self Check-in

Sometimes patients wait at your front desk when they arrive for their appointment. Eliminate the wait with this fully integrated Patient Check-in Kiosk and let your patients check themselves in!

This is a small investment that will benefit your practice. Get the best value you deserve for your practice and retire comfortably. MaxiDent’s Goldmine Package uses state-of-the-art software technology which includes electronic data conversion, Goldmine Training for your staff which will transform your practice into a high-income practice.

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