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Customer-Centric Approach

If you’re considering new dental management software, consider a company that is going to put customers first: Our MaxiCare Success Teams are there to help right from sales to training to support and, most importantly, aftercare. 

Dedicated Success Teams

In an effort to provide the best aftercare, your dedicated Success Team will consist 2 of your own Support Technicians, your own Account Manager and your own Implementation Manager (Trainer). Your Support Technicians will both get to know the history of your practice while working one-on-one with you to resolve specific issues. Your Account Manager will then work with you on a more personal level, helping you to attain your long-term goals and getting the very most out of your software. Your Implementation Manager will be your personal trainer for your practice to teach you and your team how to use MaxiDent. 

So say goodbye to the call-center and hello to a brand new customer-centric experience with:

      • Faster response times
      • Personalized service
      • A positive customer experience every time.

We are proud to be the first Practice Management Software to offer an innovative approach in providing technical and customer service assistance.

Leadership Team

Alex Zlatin | CEO

As CEO, Alex Zlatin helps struggling dental professionals take control of their practices and reach the next level of success with responsible leadership strategies. Leveraging over 13 years of management and consulting experience, he empowers organizations to become more productive and profitable based on the belief that successful businesses establish a genuine connection with employees, patients, and vendors. Alex volunteers his time and expertise with various professional organizations, has launched the Dental Office Managers Association of Canada and is the author of Responsible Dental Ownership: Balancing ethics and business through purpose available on Amazon.

Cindy Shewchook | CFO

Cindy has been with MaxiDent for over twenty-five years, managing administrative functions, all the financials, and ensuring departments are functioning smoothly. She is friendly, kind, dedicated, and well-known point of contact for all our clients. Integral to our success, she provides each of our clients with 110% at every level of service.

Monica Trimble | Executive Assistant

Monica started with MaxiDent in the Training / Implementation Specialist department and has grown into the position as Alex’s Executive Assistant, while working more directly with the team at our office for everything from Marketing, to Implementation and Support. Her strong organizational skills and creative problem-solving continues to help both client offices and the MaxiDent office to run smoothly. For over ten years Monica has helped offices become fully functional in MaxiDent and she continues to be a resource for them while focusing more on coordinating behind the scenes at our head office.

 Success Team – Eastern Region

Britt Hildebrand | Implementation Manager

Britt is personable, friendly, and level-headed. With a background in psychology, she is very attuned to people’s personalities and knows how to respond calmly in stressful situations. Having 9 years of training experience and 13 years in customer service gives her the unique ability of practicing incredible patience and providing exceptional service.

Connie Manalac-Din | Support Technician

Having been with the company now for over nine years, Connie doesn’t confuse efforts with results. She has been performing system support for over seventeen years and sets high standards of performance for herself, therefore making sure that her clients receive only the best in technical assistance.

Amber Gerylo | Support Technician

Amber exudes patience and knowledge and is always willing to help. Bringing to her position over 10 years of customer service experience, she enjoys finding solutions and thinking outside the box as well as interacting with and helping clients to quickly resolve their technical challenges. Amber graduated with honors and holds a Network System Administration diploma from Robertson College.  

Success Team – Central Region

Jay Camet | Regional Account Manager

Jay brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge to the MaxiDent team. Not only does he have experience in tech support, but also in leadership, supervising, and tier 2 technical issues. He carries a Bachelor of Science degree as well as a degree in Marketing Management, both of which provide him with the necessary tools to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Kyle Salangoste | Support Technician

Kyle is a recent graduate of Red River College, earning a Network Services Technician Certificate. Although he has only been part of the MaxiDent family for a year, learning the ins and outs of our software and the dental specifics has been a breeze for him, and it shows in every technical support call he takes. Kyle has been a great addition to our MaxiDent family and with over two years of customer service experience, he is thrilled to be of service to all our dental clients. 

Geno Tominez | Support Technician


Success Team – Western Region

James Scott | Regional Account Manager

James is a Commerce grad (Marketing/Sales Management) and has held key client-centered positions within well-known organizations in which he learned that people and relationships matter and always come first. James is known by our clients to go above and beyond to solve any problems, answer any questions and guarantee an exceptional experience.

Mel McInnes | Support Technician

Mel has been with MaxiDent for over a year and holds over twenty years of tech support and customer service experience. He goes above and beyond for his clients, providing excellent technical assistance as well as helpful advice and tips. He is well-known for his incredible patience and desire to make sure each client receives top notch service, staying on top of the issues until his clients feel confident that they have been fully and completely resolved.  

Leo Santiago | Support Technician

Leo holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and recently graduated from the Network Services Technician Program at Red River College. His educational background has equipped him with technical skills, while his experience in technical consulting, quality assurance and customer service has amplified his attention to detail and his communication skills. He is kind, patient and empathetic and isincere in his passion to provide exceptional support and customer service to every client, based on their individual needs 

Hygienist & Denturist Business Advisor

Noel Barlaan | Hygienist / Denturist Business Advisor

With over a decade in providing exceptional service to our clients, Noel has expanded into a Business Advisor role. He believes that every business is unique and as such, listening to every client in order to fully comprehend the nature of their business and goals is key. It is only through this process that Noel is proving invaluable advice and assists his clients in achieving milestones and reaching their goals. Through his extensive knowledge and a genuine curiosity, he is helping hundreds of clients with their daily business challenges.

Software Development Team

Blair Petrachek | Software Development Manager

Blair holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a specialization in Databases, Datamining, and Software Engineering. As the head of the Development Team, he is integral to the architecture and design of MaxiDent and is responsible for the software’s Development Process and Lifecycle. Blair and his team of experts are key in our overall strategy to offer our customers a top quality software program in Canada and internationally.

Sim Hunjan | Software Developer


Alain Himbeault | Senior Software Developer

Alain is a software developer with a Computer Science degree from the University of Manitoba. He has worked in software development for over eight years and is a fluent speaker and writer in both English and French. Being an excellent team player, Alain also brings to his role strong troubleshooting skills and a determination to learn new technologies. In his spare time, he plays board games and the piano.

Service Support Team

Ivo Bello | Senior Support

As a Senior Support Technician, Ivo tackles complex issues that go far beyond the regular day-to-day challenges. Ivo came to this meticulous yet rewarding role after spending over 4 years as an Implementation Technician. Leveraging his technical experience in computer and network support coupled with his knowledge of MaxiDent’s system, he is delivering exceptional service day after day.

Michael Pascual | Implementation Technician

As the Implementation Technician, Michael conducts and oversees all data conversions, installations and infrastructure reviews for our clients. Before coming to this role, Michael was a Technical Support Representative and was spending his days assisting clients, when they needed it the most. He holds a Network Administrator Diploma from Robertson College and has been providing customer service for over 8 years.

Griffin Howard | Customer Service Support

Griffin holds five years of customer service experience and has a friendly, sincere and professional attitude. He is passionate about delivering the most enjoyable and exceptional experience possible to all of our clients with every call.

Marketing Team

Lathaniel Ruscito | Marketing & Public Relations

Lathaniel has fulfilled a few roles with MaxiDent, before finding his passion towards marketing and public relations. In his role, he controls and directs all marketing activities and oversees the creative process from concept to tangible results. Through deep knowledge of the dental industry, Lathaniel understands the importance of media communication and is continuously working towards enhancing MaxiDent’s media reach and connections. 

Laura Veroba | Copywriter & Editor

Laura has been with MaxiDent for over four years, starting as a Customer Service Representative and moving on to become the Copywriter and editor. With a degree in English and Psychology, she brings experience and passion to her work in an effort to fulfill the vision and purpose of the company by empowering dental professionals with valuable tools and information. She also volunteers as Administration Officer for the Dental Office Managers Association of Canada.

Kaycee Harmer | Sales Administrative Assistant


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