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Data Conversions


Is data conversion recommended?

Data conversion is always recommend. Your files are valuable and having to manually recreate them in a new system can be a time consuming process. Electronic data conversion will transfer all pertinent patient and practice information, avoiding the long, laborious task of manually re-entering all the data, patient by patient.

What are the benefits of data conversion?

The value in switching systems is to improve every day efficiency, intelligence, functionality, and income growth in your practice. The initial growing pains in making this upgrade are, unfortunately, almost unavoidable, but the sum benefits will be worth it in the end.

  • Your old practice management system most likely uses antiquated technology in the way the data is maintained. The possibility for error always exists when moving data from outdated, legacy systems to up-to-date, current technology.
  • There is an old techie adage, “garbage in, garbage out.” Older data storage methods were considerably less fastidious in maintaining data integrity than today’s modern systems.  Anomalies caused by corrupted data in a legacy system can result in the necessity for manual data cleanup of bad records once the information has been transitioned into the news database.
  • Bad data is not always cause by mechanical corruption. Sometimes it is the result of simple human error. Information illegitimately or incorrectly entered into the old system will need to be corrected in the new one.

How difficult is it to convert data and what are the legal risks?

Data conversion can be complicated and the information that is attainable varies depending on a number of factors. As a result, the specifics of what information can be converted varies from practice to practice. A basic data conversion is always beneficial, but transitioning some information, such as payment history, financial adjustments, write-offs or past appointments, provides little benefit moving forward and could even land you in ‘hot water’ legally speaking. There are sundry electronic data laws and guidelines that govern dental offices through their associations, colleges, as well as the federal government electronic data standards act and tax department regulations. Any variance in data integrity puts dentist at risk. So beware of asking for too much.

Remember, most practice management software systems are an administrate tool – not a “legal record”, like your paper charts. Do not agonize about losing administrative data. The goal is to get additional efficiencies going forward.

Does data conversion save time?

Yes! Once your data is converted you will save time on everyday administrative tasks.

How long will it take to convert data?

Basic data conversion can be done in ONE business day.

How much does it cost to convert files?

The cost is about $800 for basic data conversion.  But since 2018, we’ve been providing free data conversions for all Canadian dentists.

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