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Autonomous Patient Engagement Software

An autonomous patient engagement software for emailing and texting patients.

Ways to Engage your Patient…


Digital communication has become the most preferred method of communication from patients of all ages. EngageB does that and more with additional features and capabilities for your practice to capitalize on, see our numbered items below!

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1. Recall Reminders

Leveraging digital communication tools in dental clinics improves efficiency by enabling better appointment management, patient follow-ups, and secure organization of patient information, leading to improved patient satisfaction and dental care quality.

2. Unscheduled Treatments

Implementing an automated system to remind patients of their outstanding treatment leads to improved patient care, increased revenue, staff satisfaction, and overall customer satisfaction by efficiently managing scheduling and treatment reminders.

3. Patient Collections

EngageB aids dental clinics in minimizing accounts receivable by automating invoice generation, prompting reminders, and ensuring timely payments, therefore preventing financial strain from unpaid invoices.

4. Patient Reactivation

EngageB streamlines patient reactivation by automating customized messages to inactive patients, promoting the importance of preventive oral care and enabling staff to focus on personalized tasks.

5. Patient Education

EngageB automates patient education, empowering patients to make informed decisions, thereby improving efficiency, enhancing patient retention, and increasing satisfaction and revenue for dental clinics.

6. Appointment Confirmations & Reminders

EngageB enhances clinic efficiency by boosting patient engagement through automated reminders, reducing no-shows and cancellations, optimizing scheduling, and simplifying appointment confirmations for both patients and staff.

7. Digital Marketing

Digital patient communication is essential for staying connected with patients, promoting treatments, and automating marketing efforts to save time, drive growth, and achieve success in dental clinics.

8. Digital Patient Forms

Enhance patient experience and efficiency by adopting digital forms in your dental clinic, allowing patients to conveniently submit essential information, thereby saving time, reducing paper waste, and streamlining the process.

See it for yourself live in action!

See it for yourself live in action!