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Benefits of Maxident Practice Management Dental Software

To run an efficient, successful practice with production at a maximum is difficult without the right tools. Imagine trying to do dentistry without the proper instruments? It would be difficult and painful for you and the patient. It’s the same principle when it comes to the administrative part of the practice. Click on the icons below to learn more about how Maxident dental software can make life better and easier.

  • Maximize efficiency

    How you use the time in your workday determines how efficient you operate. How many times do you write the date in a chart every day?  How many times do you play phone tag with patients to confirm appointments every day? Eliminate redundant and repetitive manual tasks and spend your time on productive ones!

  • Achieve higher financial success

    Maxident has 3 exclusive income systems built in. If you have thousands of patients, you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in production languishing in your charts. Maxident’s 3 exclusive “Never Lose A Patient™ Recall and Appointment System”, “Never Lose a Treatment Plan™ System”, “Never Lose an Insurance Approval” System are built into Maxident to make funding hidden production easy to book. Watch income soar!

  • Minimize stress

    When your team is working together to a common goal, and we give them the tools to help provide results, tension goes down and productivity goes up. Our Trainers and Systemizers help minimize the stress by properly training each person.

  • Automate tasks

    When things take care of themselves, and you know it is done to a level of quality that you would expect, everyone is happy. Any smart software system will automate routine tasks. If they don’t, it’s up to you to get someone to do things manually. That’s not smart!

  • Have a well-run practice

    When your team feels that they are contributing to the practice goal, and are successful in their jobs, there is a level of morale that is felt through the practice.  Your patients will feel it too.

  • Do more dentistry

    You want your patients to feel that you are doing everything right to take care of them and their dental health. This reaches beyond the dental chair. You already know that you provide the best dentistry when they are in your chair, but it’s also the total patient experience. It’s a technology world and your patients expect the best from you and your practice.


  • Maxident exceeded my expectations by providing the utmost care and respect to my concerns and needs. They went above and beyond to help me maximize efficiency and minimize stress during the changeover. The Maxident staff were great at assisting and helping us along the way. It was a pleasure working with Maxident and I highly recommend them!

    Bev Woods—Dental Program Manager
  • I can’t really think of one particular experience. Every time I call for help, everyone I speak with is genuinely nice and helpful. There have been times when I’m sure I’ve been calling with something that a tech should be rolling his eyes over, but they have always been exceedingly helpful, and are more than willing to show me what they did/are doing so that if I run across problems in the future, I know how to fix it. Your support staff and trainers are amazing individuals, and are greatly appreciated.

    Tina Nelson—Innisfall, Alberta
  • Our clinic transitioned from Genie software to Maxident 6 software; this had it’s challenges as Genie was not windows-based and Maxident 6 was a windows-based system. The training staff at Maxident where great making this change smooth and without any interruption in our scheduled work week.

    Maxident system is completely user friendly being able to navigate from the billing to accounting to viewing the chart notes and radiographs with ease. Maxident has checks in place that if you are billing a procedure and it’s not correct, the icon will advise the user to recheck what was entered. This reduces mistakes that would take time and manpower to correct at a later date. Overall our clinic has been very satisfied with all the software, and the tech support is superb, always very helpful solving all problems large and small quickly.

    Lynda Smith —Office Manager, Inuvik, NT
  • I have now built a relationship with the Maxident staff over the year from all my help calls! They are all so professional and patient with me! I couldn’t have run the office so smoothly without their help.

    Frances—Office Administrator/Treatment Coordinator at campus dental Guelph
  • I evaluated many dental software systems and Maxident is the only dental software program that allows me to choose the database technology that best fits my practice. As a dentist and a UNIX/Linux user, I was the first dentist to test and implement MaxiDent 6 using a PostgreSQL database.

    My office gets the best of both worlds.  MaxiDent 6 is a windows-based, easy to use, feature-rich program welcomed by my staff.  Connect  it to a LinuxOS/PostgreSQL database and I get reliability, scalability, speed and a cost savings. Both  PostgreSQL and my Linux distro are free software under the GNU license.

    MaxiDent’s programmers were listening – they developed software to give dentists cutting edge technology.  No other system can compare. I, Dr. Craig Williams, recommend MaxiDent 6 with PostgreSQL to any dental office!

    Dr. Craig Williams

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Maxident™ 6: Intelligently Different Dental Software. State-of-the-art dental office software solutions for your entire practice—patients, administrative staff and clinicians—from initial patient contact and scheduling to check-in, treatment, check-out, insurance claims, payments, and patient recall.

Our innovative, easy-to-use, dental software programs, with cutting edge technologies—artificial intelligence, voice input, touch screen, tablet design, electronic signature, digital imaging, and more—improve productivity, optimize efficiency, and ensure optimal patient dental health.