Data Driven Practice

Data Driven Practice

In the era of computers, it is important to understand the significance of “managing your practice by data”. Hopefully, as you read this, you come to realize how much easier managing a practice is if you let your data lead the way. Maxident takes the guess work out of business growth and management and we teach you how to “act on fact”!

Maxident is the Dental Software Game Changer. Maxident is redesigned to take care of the operational needs of the practice, but also designed to find income opportunities for you to turn into production.

Not only do we have the algorithms built into the software, but we adopt State of the art software technology. You can dress your office to impress patients with state of the art technology like voice dictation, patient self-check-in kiosk, tablets, touchscreen electronic charting, electronic signature capture and more.

  • Engage your patients with technology.
  • Keep your data safe with your own private cloud!

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Invest in Maxident today and start with Maxident Practice Management which will boost the productivity of the entire office—from reception and check-in to check-out and overall office management.

Increase productivity with these enhanced add-ons: