Patient Self Check-in

How it works

With an intuitive interface and easy-to-use touch screen display, the MaxiCheckin kiosk in your reception area allows patients to check themselves in for their appointment with the dentist or hygienist.

When the self check-in is complete, the appointment status in your Maxident scheduler automatically updates itself to “arrived”, and is viewable from any computer in the office with access to the scheduler.

The hygienist or dental assistant, who is waiting for their next patient to arrive, can see that the patient is checked in and can start treating the patient immediately without having to wait for the receptionist to be available.

The kiosk comes in different configurations—from counter-mounted to wall-mounted or floor-standing—to suit every reception area.


[dt_vc_list]Here are just some of the benefits you gain by using MaxiCheckin:

  • Patients no longer have to wait at the reception desk to be checked in for scheduled appointments.
  • Check-in queues are significantly reduced for both patients and receptionists.
  • Your receptionist does not have to stop everything they are doing to check-in a new arrival.
  • Appointments can proceed on schedule even if the receptionist is busy with other activities.
  • Receptionists are freed up to work on more demanding tasks.
  • Receptionists can spend more time with patients who need additional help.
  • Appointments are managed efficiently for a streamlined work-flow.
  • The quick check-in process and timely start to their appointment give the patient a positive experience.
  • Having MaxiCheckin is like having another receptionist but without the extra salary.


MaxiCheckin Brochure

The PDF brochure is available for download.
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