Practice Potential Calculator

Is your practice producing to its fullest potential? 

Use our calculator below to find out what revenue you may be missing out on.

  • Number of Hygienists
  • Total amount of hours all hygienists work per week
  • Amount of days your practice is open in a week
  • Average number of appointments each hygienist has a day (Based on a full day of 8 appointments per hygienist)
  • Number of active patients
  • Fee for a recall

  • Evaluate Your Results Below:

    Never Lose a Patient Recall and Appointment System:
  • Current weekly income from Hygiene department
  • Current annual income from Hygiene department
  • Maximum weekly income you can earn with existing staff
  • Maximum annual income you can earn with existing staff
  • Active patients not getting hygiene done (6 months)
  • Annual lost income due to patients not getting hygiene done
  • Total lost annual income from the hygiene department
  • Should you hire more Hygienists?

  • Never Lose a Treatment Plan System:
    (based on an average treatment of $1500 per 12 months per patient)
  • Potential income due to undiagnosed treatment for active patients (annual)
  • Potential income due to lost treatment plans in your filing cabinet (annual)
  • Total potential income from incomplete treatment for active patients

    Never Lose an Insurance Approval System:
    (based on 50% insurance approvals not followed-up)
  • Potential income from lost/un-tracked insurance approvals

  • Total Income Increase Potential:

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