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A Trusted Brand for Over 40 Years

Maxident has been a trusted brand in Canada for 35 years. Our very first dental practice still runs Maxident today! Maxident manages all aspects of the practice, from patient check-in to check out and everything in-between including imaging, paperless charting and other smart state of the art technology! Your relationship with Maxident starts with the first phone call. Call 1-800-663-7199 to learn more!

Planning to Sell Your Practice?

How would you like to increase your revenue today and ensure an optimal valuation for the future sale of your practice? Now you can. With exclusive “Never-Lose” software tools, Maxident’s Goldmine System allows you to make the most of the treatment opportunities languishing in your charts…boosting both hygiene and dentist production and ensuring you get paid for it all. Learn how to find the gold in your practice and mine it!

State-of-the-Art dental software Solution

State-of-the-art dental office software solutions for your entire practice—patients, administrative staff and clinicians—from initial patient contact and scheduling to check-in, treatment, check-out, insurance claims, payments, and patient recall.

Our innovative, easy-to-use, dental software programs, with cutting edge technologies—artificial intelligence, voice input, touch screen, tablet design, electronic signature, digital imaging, and more—improve productivity, optimize efficiency, and ensure optimal patient dental health.

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You will be amazed with what MaxiDent dental management software can do for you. North America 1-800-663-7199 / International 001-204-987-9099