January 13, 2020


2020 is upon us and here is my 3rd “Letter from the CEO”! The exchange rate (with USD) is still undesirable and all expenses just keep going up. It seems that owning and running a dental clinic has never been more challenging. Audits from regulatory bodies and insurance companies have become a regular occurrence and the overhead has never been higher. All you want to do is dental work. It will come as no surprise to you that it isn’t going to be easier moving forward. If it’s any consolation, running a software company has never been more challenging as well. Technology is evolving at a high pace, regulations keep changing, finding the right team members is as difficult as it is for a dental clinic (if not more so).

When I took the role of CEO, back in 2016, I made a promise to the dental industry that my company will create more value with each passing year. As a man of my word and a “disruptor” by nature, I am writing this letter to share the new products, partnerships, and services available to you. In developing our offerings, I have only the following in mind: Increase your production, reduce your expenses and do both while ensuring patients receive the highest quality of care. Challenging? YES. Impossible? Definitely not. I am a true believer that when you have the right partners, the sky’s the limit.

When it comes to increasing production, these are the new services available to you:

Integration to a VoIP phone system – This software integrates with an internet phone system and provides your front staff with all the relevant information about the patients calling in. This removes the need to remember patient information or dig up tasks from multiple placeholders, saving your staff time and increasing the level of service provided to your patients.

Attract new patients through social media – there are many patients in your area that are looking for a treatment you provide. Leverage the power of social media to see them for a consultation.

Online bookingthrough our Patient Portal and Patient App, your existing patients and new patients can book an appointment in the free spots you make available. Considering people nowadays spend the majority of their time on the phone or online, you should incorporate tools to fill up your schedule.

As production rises, so do the expenses. This is why we made the following services available to you, so you can lower your expenses and end up with maximized profit:

Buying group – Leverage the buying power of over 300 clinics in North America and buy the same products you buy today, for less – far less. You work hard for your money and you should keep more of it for yourself. With the rise of group dentistry, you must utilize all the tools available to you to even the playing field. Make sure that you are making wise consumer choices.

Lower your phone and internet bills – Traditionally, dental clinics suffered from an outdated phone system. More elaborate ones were just cost-prohibitive. With the Internet being stable (and becoming available in rural areas) and the introduction of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), you are able to enjoy dozens of features, while cutting the cost of the services.

Lower card processing fees – We’ve partnered with Elavon to provide Canadian dentists with lower fees and integration to save time, eliminate human error and reduce cost. Please visit our website to learn more about what an integration to Elavon can do for your clinic.

An integration to CDA’s SecureSend platform is now available to all of our clients, within our main MaxiDent module. Sending identifiable health information over unsecured communication methods is a big problem and I am thrilled to have a solution for our clients that involves the proven and solid infrastructure of the CDA. If you are not yet a client, you are able to claim a free license with this functionality.

It has been my utmost pleasure and fortune to help hundreds of clinics, in the passing year, maximize their profits and ensure they do it in a responsible way. I am doing more speaking in many events throughout Canada and would love to see you at one of these. As in both 2019 and 2018, we are providing our professional edition of Maxident6 at no cost to all Canadian dentists. This includes a data conversion, at no cost as well. 2019 has seen us provide unlimited online training to all of our clients, as part of their support subscription. 458 hours of free training have been provided to support our clients in maximizing the utilization of their software suite.

The ability to train any member of your team, veteran or new, is a powerful tool when it comes to the uncertainties of doing business in today’s environment, and allows you to not worry as much when staff turnover happens in your clinic.

Starting 2020, we’ve created a new subscription tier. The Premium Maxicare will include priority tech support, your own branded patient portal and unlimited training for a whole year for just $3,499 (under $10/day).

On a personal level, last year I have offered a free 1-hour consultation. Due to the extreme demand on my schedule this past year, I will only be offering 25 of these consultations. If you are interested in reserving one, please reach out to my Executive Assistant, Monica Trimble, at monica@maximsoftware.com

I am certain that our customer-centric approach, tailor-made solutions and revolutionary services will be adding substantial value to more and more clinics in the new year. I am excited to become part of your journey towards greatness and look forward to speaking with you soon!


Stay great!


Alex Zlatin MBA, B.Sc.