Letter From The CEO 2019


January 23, 2019


To all Canadian Dentists,

In 2018, I wrote my first “Letter from the CEO” and it has begun to disrupt the dental industry with a free software license for all Canadian Dentists. Being swamped with consultation requests, it had become clear that staff turnover and their subsequent training was one of the greatest challenges throughout 2018. Unfortunately, it is not going to change in 2019. If it is any consolation, the struggle to find employees that truly believe in the purpose of your clinic/business is hard. Even here at Maxident, we went through some staff turnover to ensure that the people who remain with us understand the concept of exceptional service that is a large part of MaxiDent’s purpose.

What no one knew is that I was just warming up in my disruption of the dental industry!

Starting February 2019, our support subscription will include FREE unlimited online training. This opens up a broader spectrum of employees to hire. It is especially true for front staff. The reality is, it is better to hire front staff that understand the service aspects but don’t know dentistry and software than to hire a person who knows dentistry and the software but is not on the same page as you when it comes to patient service.

The most important part is that it keeps your costs at a minimum. And we all know how everything is becoming more expensive. This is why it is our corporate responsibility to help out the dental community and ensure you are able to keep your expense to a minimum.

We all know software is a tool. In a dental clinic, one of the software’s main responsibilities is to bring back the patients. Having said that, without new patients it is very difficult to maintain a profitable and fully-booked practice. This is why we have partnered with Gustin-Quon – a marketing company that specializes in attracting new patients to your clinic.This is big news! If you would like to learn how they do it, give me a shout and I can give you a quick breakdown of their process. If it makes sense, we will set up an appointment for them to go into more detail about their process and offerings.

But wait, I am not done! I would like to introduce you to the first Canadian integrated VOIP business telephone system for dentists. Starting now, your front staff will know who is calling and all the relevant information about the patient, even before picking up the phone. No more searching for patients when a call comes in, either. When a call comes in, the VOIP phone system will match the patient information in the software, bringing up the appointment info for the patient and family. This will allow for quick booking right from this screen. I don’t have to tell you how much more efficient your clinic will be. If that is not enough, a VOIP phone system can reduce your cost substantially. We have been using a VOIP phone system for our business for over 6 years now. If it works for us, it will work for you too!

2018 has been a monumental year for me, personally. I had my book “Responsible Dental Ownership – Balancing Ethics and Business Through Purpose” published and featured on Amazon and other outlets in its various formats (print, electronic and audio). I am proud to say that throughout last year, my book has helped many people in the dental industry have a clear understanding of the important things in the management of a dental clinic. I am proud to have been featured in many publications and radio shows, promoting responsible dental ownership (and management) and discussing best practices for businesses in general. Feel free to check it out on my website: www.alexzlatin.com.

Last but not least, our innovative Human Resource module (that has been built specifically for dental clinics) has been monumental in reducing the managerial overhead for Office Managers and Dentists. But more importantly, it helped over 60 dentists stay out of court with proper documentation and administrative tools. If you have not heard of our very own MaxiManager, please reach out to me and I’d be happy to give you a tour and show how much value it can bring to you and your team.

As part of our commitment to disrupting the dental industry, I am offering a free 1-hour phone consultation meeting.I’d love to help in any topic with regards to your clinic. Please email my Executive Assistant, Monica, at monica@maximsoftware.ca to coordinate time in my schedule.

Stay great!


Alex Zlatin MBA, B.Sc.


P: 204-987-9098

E: alex@maximsoftware.com