HR Management

Reduce stress and lower staffing costs by 10% or more

For years, office managers have wrestled with the challenging and time consuming tasks of accurately preparing payroll and managing staff schedules. Hours are lost poring over time sheets, analyzing unplanned overtime, absences, and juggling phone calls and emails to stay on top of shift swapping. Your office’s payroll provider will crunch the numbers you send them, but after all your hard work are you sure that those numbers are as correct as they could or should be? Was there a sick day or shift swap that got lost somewhere along the way? That’s where MaxiManager comes in.

Juggling all the duties and responsibilities of managing an office on a daily basis, we may not realize the true time and cost of accurately overseeing employee schedules. But with MaxiManager, the typical practice will save 1/2 hour per employee per pay period just on payroll processing, and another 1/2 hour on staff scheduling and communication – that’s 20 hours for a group of 10 each bi-monthly cycle. Depending on the size of your staff, that could be hundreds or thousands of dollars in savings each month.


MaxiManager is designed to assist Office Managers in their day-to-day duties. Part of being an Office Manager is processing payroll in a timely fashion. With the MaxiManager system, you will be able to set up rules to ensure accuracy with your time sheets. All of your totals will automatically be calculated and you will have an option to export your time sheet data into a summary page that can be directly uploaded to your payroll software. Team members will be able to access their previous time sheets, reducing the number of questions the team needs to pose to management. MaxiManager will assist you in reducing your payroll process from hours to minutes.


With a few clicks of the mouse, the office manager can create simple-to-read single or multi-year schedules for staff.  Team members can view just their own work schedules or the schedule for the whole office.  Employees can log into MaxiManager from home, at the office or anywhere they have an internet connection, ensuring that your team is able to check when they are expected to work without having to call into the office.


Allow your team members to manage their own schedules without having to involve management. We work with your management team to ensure that the system is set up to your office parameters. Once the initial schedule has been entered into MaxiManager, your staff will be able to send requests to each other to swap shifts. If both employees agree to the swap, MaxiManager will automatically update the schedule with the changes – with no work required by management. Supervisors or manager will receive notifications of any shift swaps that have occurred.


MaxiManager comes with a vacation module to allow your employees to request time away from work. We will work with you and your team to setup the module using the parameters that best match your office, then you can sit back and let your employees send in their requests. Managerial action is required only to approve or decline vacation requests – the MaxiManager system does the rest of the work for you.

MaxiManager sends a confirmation to employees of their approved vacation requests, removes approved employees from the work schedule, and posts their open shifts to your shift trade board for a peer to pick up. All requests are tracked and logged with a date and time stamp, removing any uncertainty about the order in which vacation requests were received.


Month end and payroll falling on the same day can generate migraine levels of stress for an office manager. With MaxiManager, this once daunting task becomes a nonevent.

By keeping your monthly reporting data in MaxiManager, managers can pull reports and verify their month/year end at a glance. There is no need to deal with the frustration and disorganization of sorting through a mishmash of different spreadsheets and reports. The MaxiManager month end module is specifically designed to alleviate your month end woes. Removing the possibility of human error from your calculations produces more accurate reports in less time and with less work.


We work with you and your team in developing a data import methodology to bring data directly from your tracking systems into MaxiManager. The MaxiManager system comes with several standard reports to help you better interpret your month/year end data. The robust reporting system features a wide selection of reports and visual graphs to allow your office data to be viewed from a variety of perspectives, making it more informative and meaningful to the individual practice.


The MaxiManager cheque request and ledger options keep a record of all cheques printed in the past. Centralizing this data allows you to quickly search the system for past cheques printed to a specific individual or company.



Keep track of all your past staff communications, coaching sessions, and/or disciplinary matters with one local tool. This can be critical for your legal protection in the event of future disputes with employees. Reports on entries stored in the coaching section can be quickly pulled up to help you better make decisions on staff issues.


Going paperless will reduce waste and streamline your office processes. The MaxiManager document module can store any documents – for example an “Office Policy Manual” – online, giving your team members the ability to access the documents from anywhere that they have an internet connection. We can also design employee sign off or acknowledgements for documents, recording and tracking if an employee has read and agreed to your office policies and procedures.


With MaxiManager you have the ability to assign tasks to a single user, a group of users, or a rotating list of users. These tasks are tracked, allowing for easy assessment of who has completed a task or if there are many tasks still outstanding.