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Digital Imaging

Dental Digital Imaging Software

Dental Digital Imaging SoftwareEasily integrate your digital images with your dental practice management software using MaxiViewer™ dental digital imaging software.

Easy Management

Store all your practice’s images in one common database for easy image management and instant access to patient images.

The MaxiViewer dental software is programmed in a way that will make it easy for you to store all your practice’s images in one common database for easy image management and instant access to patient images. It is one of the top dental software you can find on the market today.


Use virtually any brand, or brands, of digital imaging equipment you want.

Use virtually any brand, or brands, of digital imaging equipment you want with the MaxiViewer dental software. This is an important factor to consider as it will hugely make an impact thereby allowing for the efficient and easy management of your business.


Future-proof your practice against supplier dependence and brand discontinuations through mergers, acquisitions, and obsolescence with MaxiViewer.

Improved Patient Health

Enhance images for improved diagnosis and treatment. And show patients their dental images at chair side to:


Improve patient communications

The MaxiViewer dental software will significantly improve patient communications.


Obtain informed consent more easily.

With Maxident dental software, you can easily obtain informed consent from your patients

Patient care

Provide better patient care.


Improve overall patient health and satisfaction.

Brand Neutrality

Mix-and-match different brands of digital imaging equipment. Maxident dental software seamlessly integrates multiple brands of equipment together on the same office network. Purchase preferred brands of equipment by function—a panoramic imager from one supplier, an intraoral imager from another. Let each provider use the brand they prefer for maximum confidence and productivity.

Quality and Performance

Save high quality digital images per tooth with the MaxiViewer dental software. Compare images and view previous treatment history graphically in the odontogram—for before, during, and after treatment comparative analyses.

Record the number of restorations per tooth, and see progressions and regressions graphically, instantly.

Improve your digital image viewing for better diagnosis, treatment and patient health with MaxiViewer’s advanced imaging capabilities featured in the dental software for easy management —spot enhancement and magnification, brightness and contrast adjustments, noise removal, drawing and text labeling tools, the flexibility to customize and view different layouts, and many other state-of-the-art features.


Instant Access and Sharing

MaxiViewer is a networked solution. View electronic charts and images simultaneously on any computer in your office. Always have the right images, instantly, for your next appointment. Share images to consult with colleagues and specialists on difficult diagnosis and treatment. Then, show patients their images to explain treatment options, book treatment, and obtain consent.


Immediate Insurance Approval

Send your patients’ digital radiographs electronically and securely (via ITRANS) for immediate insurance approval. Use this industry leading solution and eliminate the delays of sending x-rays through the mail for approval.

Go Digital

Take an important step towards going paperless… go digital with MaxiViewer to:


  • Add-on component to Maxident
  • Non-proprietary, open-ended technology to support multiple brands of digital radiography equipment
  • Networked image access
  • Authorized image access required
  • Advanced database
  • Image management
  • Image notes
  • Export to generic image file formats, including *.tif and *.jpg for universal viewing
  • Import images
  • Document templates
  • Email capabilities
  • Print and Scan 2 Print
  • Tool Box
  • Spot Magnify
  • Spot Enhance
  • Edge Enhance
  • Noise Removal
  • Equalize
  • Gamma Correction
  • Rotate
  • Custom Tool Bar
  • Brightness/Contrast
  • Level Adjustment
  • Auto Image Extraction
  • Selection Extraction
  • Full Screen View
  • Floater View
  • Add-on to Maxident practice management software
  • Default and custom Layouts
  • Pedodontic and adult teeth charts
  • Acquire from Digital Sensor, Scanner, I/O Video, Still Digital, Phosphor Plate
  • High quality images
  • Before, during and after treatment image comparison
  • Converters
  • Histogram View
  • Image Selection
  • Image Bar
  • Color picker and Colorizer
  • Smooth
  • Sharpen
  • Embossing
  • Image macros

Hardware Specifications

The Hardware Specification PDF is available for download.

MaxiViewer Brochure

The PDF brochure is available for download.

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