Ransomware: What It Is and Why You Don’t Want It

  Computer viruses are nothing new. Malicious software that attacks, infects and compromises computer systems have been a plague, waiting to strike the personal computer user virtually since Day One. But the concept of “ransomware” has really only come into mainstream existence in the last few years, rapidly growing to become the number one danger lurking out there […]

4 Strategies to Protect Your Practice Against Ransomware

Last week, something inconceivable happened: 150 countries were attacked with ransomware. And not just any kind of ransomware. According to CNN Tech, this ransomware seeks out vulnerabilities in older Windows operating systems to worm its way in. If you’re not familiar with the term ransomware, let me clue you in. Ransomware is a specific type […]

Tips to Integrate New Technologies Without Sacrificing The Personal Touch

In the previous blog post, I gushed about the latest technology and the benefits of each piece to your practice. Technology now has the capacity to help reduce monotonous tasks, provide you with marketing tools, and help reduce your paper consumption. But I also did mention that technology should be treated like part of the […]

4 Technologies to be Excited About and 1 Reason to Be Aware

The fact of the matter is that technology is part of our world now; whether we like it or not, whether it terrifies us or it doesn’t, it’s here to stay. The research concludes definitively that without properly integrating technology into your business, there is a slim chance of success. In an article written by […]

What the Cloud is and How it can Benefit Your Practice

What is the cloud? In order to fully understand and take advantage of the benefits cloud-based remote practice management can provide you and your office, it is important to understand the basics behind it. First off, what is the cloud? If you’re unsure what the cloud even is. Let me catch you up. The cloud […]

For all Remote Users: Security Tips to Keep Yours and Your Patient’s Information Safe

  More and more dental professionals are turning to remote work. When dentists and hygienists don’t need to be in the office, they can choose to work from home or even in transit. Unfortunately, tooth issues can crop up even on days off so dental professionals are always on-call. The solution? Accessing the office computer […]

How to Recognize and Avoid Ransomware

What is ransomware? Ransomware is a specific type of malware that encrypts data files (such as MS Office Documents, pdf files, text files, image files, music files and video files) on a computer, holding them hostage until a ransom is paid that will – hopefully – release the password to decrypt them. Many types of […]