Understanding What Fake News is and How to Tackle it

What is fake news? There will be opposing views on what constitutes fake news, but the unifying theory is that fake news is news that is not based on fact but rather feeling, opinions and skewed results. Some websites are only meant to entertain and satirize, such as The Onion and Amplifying Glass. They are […]

6 Exclusive Benefits to Choosing MaxiChart for Your Dental Practice

  We are becoming more and more reliant on technology. Generation Z finds most of their information now from online sources. We don’t talk on the phone we “Facetime.” We don’t send a letter, we send an “email”. We don’t even have to miss our friends who leave the province or the country because we […]

Come on Dental Professionals, it’s Time to Get Better Acquainted With Online Reviews

Who doesn’t go online to check reviews? You can check on everything from hotels, resorts, airlines and restaurants to software and even people. Yes, there is actually an app available to review people. We have come to rely heavily on these online reviews not only to rate whether a product or place is to our […]

4 Reasons Maxident Users Shouldn’t Panic (if Canada Post Workers Strike)

  News is spreading fast about the impending Canada Post mail strike. According to Global News, the workers could walk off as soon as this Saturday. Canada Post is warning Canadians that, if the strike commences, they can’t guarantee regular mail will be delivered, and premium shipping will be the only option after Saturday. There […]