2020 is coming up fast. It feels like only yesterday, it was the Canada Day Long Weekend and Summer was getting into full swing. Now, Canada has endured an outbreak of winter storms and the trees are nearly bare. In Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, there is snow on the ground and dropping temperatures. Other provinces will soon experience the same if they haven’t already. 

Is your practice ready? Not just for the winter but for the upcoming new year? If you haven’t even begun to think about it yet, now is the perfect time to start. Because just like Summer, this last quarter will soon be gone and 2020 will be upon us This is the time, not only for preparation but for reflection of the last year. Here are 6 suggestions to get you started.  

 No Procrastinating

The worst thing to think at a time like this is “I have plenty of time.” The thing to note about time is that it doesn’t play by our rules, and when you least expect it, January will be here and you’ll have nothing done. Don’t procrastinate. Procrastinating just adds to your stress. Instead, set aside some time during the day to start reflecting and planning. Change your perspective. Don’t put it off just because you have “plenty of time”. Start now because time flies and 2020 is just a blink away.

 Create a plan for the final quarter

“Businesses that fail to plan plan to fail.” You have probably heard this popular adage before. That’s because planning is essential to the continuing success of your business. Create a plan for the tasks ahead and stick to that plan. A way to do that is to create for yourself a checklist. 

Checklists make life easier and reduce the stress of trying to remember all the tasks you have yet to finish. Also, there is an incredible sense of relief that comes with looking at your checklist and seeing that all your tasks have been checked off.

 Evaluate goals made for 2019

It’s time to take a well-deserved look back at all you have accomplished and what there is still left to complete. Are you satisfied or do you think you could’ve done better? These are always good questions to ask yourself going forward. What are the goals you’ve established this year and have they been reached? Which goals require more time? Be honest about where you are and where you want to be. 

 Ask your patients and employees for their input

It matters what the members of your team think. It also matters what your patients think, so don’t leave either of them out of your planning. Let them have a say in how the next year will go. Have meetings and communicate with the people who can see your goals and ways to achieve them from a different perspective. Involving your team in strategy meetings for 2020 will encourage them to contribute ideas, suggestions, and help you make a plan that they will be more willing to get behind because it is not just the boss’ plan but the company plan. 

Your patients can also provide you with invaluable information in the form of referrals and feedback.

 Don’t put off your preparation for the last minute and take into account your past, external factors, and of course your team (this includes the patients) when it comes to preparing for a successful year. For more information and advice, check out the links and take advantage of the downloadable checklist all provided below.

 Be Very Aware of Technological Advances

We are almost into 2020 and the one thing that will never slow down is technology. Be aware and stay aware of advancements going on and how you can keep your practice up to date with the latest trends, upgrades and updates. The last thing you want is to not be on that technology train once it gets moving. 

Just an important point to note: Windows 7 support is ending as of January 2020. This means no more updates, no more fixes. Windows 10 will have officially taken over and you will need to be on board or risk threats to your security and possible issues with programs that will eventually need to upgrade and will require Windows 10 to work properly.


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