6 indicators That it’s Time for a Vacation


Summer is here! This the season when most people take vacation either to a cabin by the lake, a popular destination, or they even might just stay at home to spend time with family and friends. It really doesn’t matter what kind of vacation you take, but it is necessary to take one. Why? Vacations lower your stress-levels, they let you relax and shed all the problems of work, allowing you to return recharged and ready to go.

Life is made up of more than just going back and forth to work. You need to make time for yourself and your family. You need to achieve a balance that will help to maintain healthy stress levels. Provided below are five indicators that it’s time for you to grab your sandals and your sunscreen and get your butt away from that dental chair.


1   You make mountains out of mole hills.


All of a sudden every little problem is now a giant unsolvable issue. Your negative thoughts are rising to the surface and you can’t seem to put together a sound solution to the problems before you that didn’t seem so big before now. You’re getting overwhelmed, possibly even verging on a burnout. To achieve positive results, you have to think positive and you can’t do that if every little problem is making you tear your hair out. It is definitely time to take a spa weekend.


2   Co-workers are constantly asking the dreaded question, “are you okay?”


Don’t you hate that? Who doesn’t? It’s fine if one person asks, but if everyone is asking, it’s a really good indication that they are noticing changes in you that you aren’t. Stress is not noticeable to your naked eye, so even if you are stressed, you might not know it until you crash. Your co-workers see you eight hours out of each day and they will be the first to notice that you’re not acting quite like yourself. They will also notice a change in attitude and might even avoid you. Take their concern into account, and even if you can’t spare a whole two weeks, try to take a short break just to recharge.  


3   You are making more errors.


In the medical field, errors are a giant no-no! As a dental professional, you cannot be making mistakes as they could be harmful even potentially fatal. Even a sign that you’re only performing at half-mast means it’s time for you to take a long break to regroup and find your balance again.


4   You are feeling cynical.


“Nothing is going right,” “This isn’t going to work,” “I don’t have the answers.” If you are saying or even thinking any of these, you need to take a step back. Phrases like these are absorbed internally and can make you take on an ‘I don’t care’ attitude. This is a hint that you’re not only stressed out but becoming depressed and verging on a burnout.


5   You can’t stop snapping at people.


A friend of mine thinks that his boss is close to the end of his tether. Why does my friend think this? His boss is constantly snapping at him and everyone else in the office. He hasn’t taken a day off in two years and it’s finally getting to him. All the tasks that once were easy to manage are now looming over him like a wall of water. He is snapping and attacking because he is no longer able to do his job the way he could before and he’s taking it out on those around him. This is less of an indication and more of a mental cry for help. Don’t wait until you’re too overwhelmed to breathe. You clearly need a break so take one. Everyone will thank you.

6    Everything aches.


Your body is a lot smarter than you give it credit for, so when your muscles start to ache and you begin to hurt everywhere, don’t automatically assume it’s coming from a physical ailment. Our bodies are very in tune to what’s going on and can provide the real clues to when you need to take a break. Those aches and pains you’re feeling could be your body screaming at you to slow down! Remember, your muscles can’t speak, so all they can do is let the pain speak for them. It is imperative that you listen rather than ignore the most obvious sign that you are in dire need of a vacation.

Vacation isn’t optional, it’s mandatory, and for good reason. You need to step away from your desk or your dental chair and take care of your mind and body by giving them the break they need as well as deserve.

Please feel free to leave any comments or even share some of your favourite vacation spots with us. We’d love to hear from you.