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5 Strategies to help your Dental Practice Have a Successful 2020

The new year is just around the corner! And with it, the always popular New Year’s resolution. But how often do you make one of those only to forget it halfway through January (if it even takes that long)? 

You don’t need a list of New Year’s resolutions; you need a list of strategies to get you on the right path to your dental practice’s success. Instead of trying to follow through on a New Year’s resolution, get to planning and being prepared for the year ahead so that you don’t have to worry that you are somehow lagging behind.

Here are just 5 strategies to help your dental practice have a successful 2020.

1. Prepare a Marketing Plan

When it comes to planning out your new year, it’s best to analyze the previous year to see just what needs changing and what can stay the same. Discover what worked for you and what fell flat. Based on those observations, you can then prepare a marketing plan for the new year that will keep you on track and use campaigns you know will be successful. 

Make sure to include your team as they too will know what worked best last year and what might need to be modified for the new year.   

2. Be aware of new and advancing technology

Every year, technology changes; there are advancements to older programs, new programs, and new alternatives to consider. 

For example, how is your communication in the office? Do you think it could be made better? There are new programs available for that? 

What about patient communication? Again, programs are available to enhance communication with patients as well. The more up to date your clinic is, the better chance you have of reaching a significant client base and filling those chairs that need filling and keeping your existing client base satisfied with your service.  

3. Update your social media, website, and blog

Just like being up to date with new technology and programs to help your practice succeed in the tech generation, developing and maintaining an online presence is essential to your practice not only for retaining patients but drawing in new ones. 

Devote a day sometime between now and the start of the new year to  update your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest profiles. If you are not involved in even one social media platform, make it a priority to do just that.

Take a look at your website. Consider what needs changing, what needs to be updated. Discard old or broken links. Add new images, photos, messages. Let people know that you too are aware it’s a new year and that you have important information and  new promos to share. 

And, most importantly, crack those knuckles and get to work adding new and thought-provoking content to your blog.

4. Become mobile-friendly

Stats suggest that more than 60% of people access the internet on their phones now, according to Pollara’s latest data.This is important going forward because if your website is not mobile-friendly, there is a very good chance you will miss out on a lot of new patient opportunities.

The attention span of people in this generation have changed. A lot. The reason commercials blip from one image to the other is to keep the viewer’s attention. Not saying that you have to make your website act as a commercial, but I will point out that you have thirty seconds to grab a potential patient’s attention before they are off and running to another website.

That being said, make sure that when you’ve made your website user-friendly, check the speed. It should take less than two seconds to access your website. If patients wait much longer than that, they might just check out.  

5. Put yourself first

I saved the best for last: developing a work/life balance that works for you is important to a successful new year, maybe the most important. 

If you remember being stressed and on edge last year, that may be because you did not put yourself first. 

Remember, the rule when flying with a child is, if there is a problem, you put your oxygen mask on first before your child. The same goes for running a practice. You come first. Always. Your practice can’t run without you being on your A-game, never mind run smoothly and successfully.

Here’s the golden rule (for everyone in the office): Take your breaks, eat healthy, exercise, and don’t forget to go on a much-deserved vacation. It takes one week to really wind down, another week to relax. Taking two weeks is essential to achieving a real stress-free break. A healthy you makes for a successful year every year.


Resources to Enhance Patient Communication in the Office

  1. https://maxidentsoftware.com/email-and-texting-patients/

MaxiReminder makes it so easy for your staff to communicate with existing patients expecting a recall or appointment reminder that they can just say “yes” to by text or by email. Most people do all their appointment confirmations on the go, so make it easy by implementing a quality reminder system in your office.

2. NEW! MaxiCaller

See your patient’s information on the caller display before you even pick up the phone and enhance the patient experience even more. Everyone likes to feel special, answer the phone and greet them with their name and appointment information right there in front of you. 

3. NEW! MaxiChat

To provide better office communication, which is essential for a successful team, try implementing a system that will allow you to communicate without leaving your chair. This program does not access the internet and is perfect if you need to send a message to a group. 

 Just a few options to consider moving into 2020. If you’re interested in any of these options, simply email actmgrs@maximsoftware.com

 Have a Happy New Year everyone!