5 Reasons Your Website Should be Mobile-friendly


In previous blog posts, we have discussed the importance of your social media presence, the creation of a website, and getting up close and personal while also being informative on a blog. But with the majority of people getting most of their information on their mobile device, it’s time to change tack. The focus of this blog post is on what creating a mobile-friendly website can do for your dental practice as well as your social media presence.

In Canada, there has been a major increase in how many Canadians now own smartphones. In 2016, mobile device ownership experienced substantial growth in Canada, with smartphone ownership increasing by a staggering 38% over two years. This means that 78% of Canadians now own a smartphone.


This increase in smartphone ownership from 2014-16 “demonstrates how quickly the mobile revolution is progressing.” Our mobile devices, especially our mobile phones are no longer something we just carry around with us, they have become a large part of who we are. Your phone is an extension of you, with personal, public, and even private information stored on it. So, why is this information important to your dental practice? With so much of the population owning and using smartphones, it is time to think seriously about how you can use the information to your advantage. “At 76% adoption, having a mobile strategy and mobile optimized assets is necessary simply to stay afloat.” Here are just a few more reasons to take your mobile website a bit more seriously.

  1.       You should exceed the expectation

Accessing information from a desktop computer has become a thing of the past. 3 out of 4 Canadians own a smartphone and that alone is reason enough to start thinking about making your website mobile friendly. Apps are being used a lot less than internet browsers now too because they take up space and drain the battery. So now when people browse websites, mobile friendly isn’t just hoped for, it’s expected. It’s time to exceed the expectation.

  1.       Technology continues to progress

It is important for any business to make a good first impression and how better to do that then by showing to potential patients that your practice will adapt to changing technology. Technology is not slowing down and neither should you. Keep up with the changes. This is the era where almost everything is done using a smartphone, so simplify tasks like contacting your office, paying a bill, and scheduling an appointment to just a few clicks.  

  1.       You will provide a better patient experience

Your potential patients will undergo a better experience if they are able to navigate your site easily. They shouldn’t have to worry about pinching and expanding. Keep your mobile site clean, uncluttered, and simple. Also, to avoid frustration, rather than having your patients look up your dental office number, provide a click-to-call button. Allowing patients to call your office and find directions with one touch on their mobile device reduces a lot of hassle and might even earn you positive online and word-of-mouth reviews.

  1.       You are catering to millennials, too

Don’t forget about your younger potentials. Millennials, those born between 82 and 04 (according to the Atlantic.com) are very in tune with today’s technology and that includes mobile websites. It is very rare that they go on a desktop computer to look up anything anymore. Make sure your website loads quickly, otherwise those potential patients will not stick around. Voice searches like Siri and Ok Google are used a lot more now too and should be utilized in your digital strategy.

  1.       Higher google ranking

Last year, Google made an announcement regarding mobile friendliness. They let everyone know that “we will be expanding our use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact on our search results.” So in other words, having a mobile website will provide a better rank from Google and will enhance your social media presence. Just remember that if your site doesn’t work like an app does, you will move down the rankings. Always keep your mobile website up to date and make sure that all your links work. It is important that “a mobile user gets the same experience visiting your site.” The biggest frustration for people browsing websites on their smartphones was “slow load times, demonstrating what has become almost a digital refrain: companies need to optimize sites and content for mobile audiences.” And those audiences are getting bigger every year.


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