News is spreading fast about the impending Canada Post mail strike. According to Global News, the workers could walk off as soon as this Saturday. Canada Post is warning Canadians that, if the strike commences, they can’t guarantee regular mail will be delivered, and premium shipping will be the only option after Saturday.

There is no confirmation that Canada Post won’t come up with a solution to appease the union before the deadline but, if they don’t, and we do find ourselves in the middle of an unfortunate mail strike, just know that Maxident has your back. Below are 4 reasons Maxident users will not be affected by the Canada Post mail strike.


  1. Access to the Customer Portal is online


The customer portal is online and available to all Maxident users for any and all queries and information. On the customer portal, you are able to chat with an associate and access how-to videos, fee guides, current Maxident News, and even webinars.


  1. MaxiCare Support


If you have questions or issues, you can either email support@maximsoftware.com with your name, office number and a brief description of your issue, or you can call toll free at phone number 1-888-629-4435. Canada Post’s strike will not disrupt your day-to-day activities nor will it hinder you from asking for necessary help.


  1. MaxiReminder


No more sending postcards to remind patients of their recall appointments. Now contacting your patients does not require you to worry about the postcard not getting to the patient. You can easily just send a text or an email, to which all they have to do is “click to confirm”.


  1. Fee Guides now available online (now also available to Maxident users in Quebec)


Mail strike imminent? No problem. Maxident has your back when it comes to downloading your fee guides right from the customer portal. Not yet updated to Maxident 5? That isn’t a problem either since both versions of Maxident are available for download. The customer portal also gives you access to how-to videos on the entire process of, not only installing your new fee guides, but going so far as assisting you in the login and download process as well.

There is still no guarantee the strike will happen, but we, at Maxident, want you and your dental practice to know that we’ve got you covered. For more information on the looming Canada Post strike, feel free to visit the links below and keep yourself updated on the latest news.   

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  2. http://globalnews.ca/news/2793748/mail-disruptions-loom-as-canada-post-turns-down-unions-request-for-extension/