1 MaxiReminder takes stress off your patients and gives them what they’ve been requesting

Your patients are the key to the success of your practice, so why not give them what they want. With MaxiReminder, you are making it easier for them when it comes to booked appointments and recalls. How are you doing this?

  • With the “click to confirm” feature, your patients don’t have to RSVP by mail or phone; instead, they can just click a button and they’re done.
  • Patients on the go can confirm their appointments on their phone or tablet device.
  • Patients can now receive their statements the quick and efficient way, by email.


2 MaxiReminder reduces stress on you and your staff

Choosing MaxiReminder will take a load off your staff and help them to focus less on paperwork and more on patient care with the following benefits.

  • Your staff no longer have to make calls or email postcards to remind patients of their recall appointments with the Never Lose a Patient Recall and Appointment feature.
  • MaxiReminder guarantees a reduction in no-shows.
  • Your staff can receive confirmations automatically.  Your patients just have to click a button.


3 MaxiReminder allows your office to go paperless

MaxiReminder reduces the use of costly postage, envelopes and sheets of paper to not only save stress on you, your staff, and your patients, but to save the environment by going paperless.

  • No more paper reminders sent by old fashioned snail mail.
  • No more paper statements.
  • No more spending money on stamps and envelopes.


MaxiReminder will assist in advancing your dental practice by providing you with updates that will continue to keep you, your staff, and your patients happy. It can become a beneficial and essential part of your office by helping to save money, time, and the environment.  Your chair will stay full, your patients won’t get lost in the system, and booking and keeping appointments and recalls will be easier than it has ever been. So let MaxiReminder change your life and your dental practice today!