It is never easy to write a letter about the future. This has been even harder with the evolving global pandemic. However, I am optimistic about 2022 and believe that it will be a year of rebuilding and growth – it must be! 

As always, I am using this opportunity to outline a variety of tools that we have (or will be releasing soon) and how it can benefit your process of rebuilding and growth: 

A. Integrated online payments – In Q1 of 2022, we are expecting to release an integrated online payment system in collaboration with our payment processor Elavon Canada. This will allow you to not only reduce your patient receivables but also simplify and automate your monthly ortho-contracts tracking and monthly subscriptions. You do not even have to switch all your processing to Elavon to be able to sign up with their online platform that is integrated with MaxiDent. 

B. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and MaxiCaller – Although this has been released over a year ago, it is important to mention the benefits again. For smaller offices, working with our VoIP partner is a terrific opportunity to reduce your office phone monthly bill. We have seen clients save over $200/month on their phone bills. For medium and larger offices, besides the monetary savings, the foresight it provides the front staff helps book treatment, recalls, and collect outstanding balances. Offices that implemented an integrated system are now more efficient and profitable. 

C. CallBox – Call Analytics – Having a professional phone system is not enough. You do not have the time to review each call and identify coaching opportunities for your staff or those calls where your intervention is needed. This is exactly why the CallBox service will be a game changer for your clinic and staff. The built-in artificial intelligence automatically grades your calls based on keywords and other parameters, and brings the outstanding calls to your attention. The benefits can range from a marketing perspective, through the obvious patient service aspect, and all the way to increased production and bookings. 

D. Online booking – This long-awaited feature should be available in Beta in Q1 and available to the mass market in Q2. The ability for clinics to have their openings filled with appointments, without additional effort by the administrative staff, is of immense help and can lift clinics up to greatness. You will be able to designate areas in your schedule to be available for online booking and will determine what types of appointments to make available for patients to choose from. 

E. New X-Ray Software – With the retirement of MaxiViewer, we are working on developing a secure, fast, and intuitive imaging software on the cloud. We are currently working on it and expect it to be available before the end of 2022 to the general public. Early-access can be made available, so please check in with your Account Manager to learn about early-access to it and to stay up to date on its progress. 

F. New Patient Engagement Tool – we are releasing (soon) an autonomous tool to help you communicate effectively with patients, collect information securely, and create marketing automation. As this Service launches, we will send you more communication about it and its benefits for your clinic. 

G. Appointment Setting Service – for offices who are struggling to find qualified front staff, need additional help, or are just too busy to complete all administrative work needed, we will be launching an appointment setting service. This service will allow offices to increase the number of appointments they have scheduled and reduce their recall and treatment lists – providing a better level of patient care. _____________________________

As you can see, 2022 is packed with new business tools that will bring you efficiency, cost savings, and growth. I am excited about the ability to help offices handle the major challenges they are facing, whether it is pandemic related or not. We are proud to support Canadian Dentists, their dedicated and professional staff, and the entire Canadian Dental industry as a whole. 

As always, feel free to reach out to me directly for any business-related question or concern. I have been helping more and more dentists with every passing year, and I’d like to continue growing that number in 2022. 


Stay safe and talk soon!


Alex Zlatin

CEO Maxim Software Systems (MaxiDent)

1-800-663-7199 ext. 204