10 ways to develop new Content-to-Freshen-Up-Your-Blog

If you have just started a blog, you might be asking yourself why you should keep it updated and fresh with new content and new ideas. Maybe you think you have no time or it just isn’t worth it. I can guarantee you that it is. Keeping your dental blog updated and fresh will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Consistent traffic flow
  • Continual interaction and engagement with your patients
  • More keywords created for your SEO
  • Will maintain your authority


Now that you’re ready to write, it’s time to think about what will keep your readers engaged, entertained, and informed. The following are ten ways to come up with new content.


1 Utilize the comment section

All comments you receive from your readers can assist you in creating new and exciting topics to engage your readers in the discussion. Some might leave questions you can address or comments that you can expand on. Your readers have something to say, too, and you can help them elaborate while simultaneously convincing them that what they think matters to you.  


2 Take advantage of Pinterest


Pinterest is full to brimming with ideas, inspirational quotes, and photos that can help to boost your creativity and establish your flow. Some of the best ideas come from the most unexpected places and taking advantage of every opportunity—either big, small, or hidden can create new avenues and roads less travelled.


3 Make a list of frequently asked questions

How often are you asked certain questions? And how many times have you had to give the same answer? Too many times, I’m sure. Clearly the questions asked many times over are important to your patients, so why not make them into a blog post of frequently asked questions. Doing this will also allow you to answer and even elaborate on the questions, giving your readers exactly the kind of full answer they’re looking for without you having to repeat it again and again.


4 Visit your LinkedIn or Facebook groups


This comes down to finding and excavating relevant topics to discuss through reading comments and posts in these social media outlets. The questions you can ask yourself when coming up with content are: What is everyone talking about? What is no one talking about?  


5 Write a list-post that offers solutions to a common problem


You see this when visiting any blog. Just like this post, a list to help solve a common problem your readers are facing is a great way to freshen up your dental blog. Always remember to look at the comment section in order to discover what those common problems are.


6 Read magazines and newspapers


As you know, inspiration comes in many guises from other blog posts, social media, and reader comments; and then there are the obvious resources, those right at your fingertips. Reading magazines and newspaper articles relevant to your industry will not only provide you with top notch ideas to write about, but they will also emphasize your authority on the subject at hand.  


7 Address what you’d like to change


Personal opinion pieces that focus on something you’re passionate about will engage your audience and even have a positive impact on your industry. Don’t be afraid to address something that rubs you the wrong way, but always give suggestions as to how to make things better. Guaranteed other dental professionals will be checking in.


8 Revisit the archives


Don’t disregard what you’ve already written; instead of letting those posts sit and gather dust, pull them out and look at them in a different way. Turn the tables on your own viewpoint or maybe take out a detail you didn’t quite focus on before and take the time to focus on it.


9 Find out what your competition is up to


According to Forbes online ) it’s always a good idea to check out what your competition is writing about on their blog. Doing so can provide ideas you haven’t thought of yet.


10 Read forums related to your industry


It’s important to keep yourself up-to-date with the goings on in your industry. A good way to do this is by going to industry-related forums and seeing what topics are trending. What’s new in your industry? What’s causing a ruckus? By approaching the topics that are the most updated and most popular, you’ll let your audience know that you’re the blog to come to for the latest on news and products.
What can you add to this list-post of ideas? Leave a comment and let us know.